Surviving and thriving in tech

Help and support for women and under-represented genders

Luce Carter, Sal Freudenberg, Cynthia Lee and me in our winning team at Hack Manchester

Do you need support to survive and thrive?

Are you a newcomer to the tech industry? Are you from an under-represented gender, eg a woman or non-binary? Do you worry about how you can find success and fulfilment in a male-dominated industry?

I often meet women and other people who are worried about their futures in this industry, but who have so much to offer, and find it helpful to get advice and support not just from someone like me with years of longevity in the industry, but also from each other.

Based on some conversations I had recently at a Code First Girls event, I’ve decided to offer a group coaching programme for gender minorities in tech.

How will it work?

  • We will meet weekly, online, for five weeks
    • Dates will depend on availability of participants – express an interest and I’ll keep you updated
    • Times will be adjusted to best suit the time zones and preferences of participants
  • There will be no more than ten people in each group
  • The total cost will be £150 per person (working out at £30 per person per session), payable in advance
  • Each session will last for one hour and will consist of a combination of
    • Brief inspirational presentation
    • Group discussion
    • Q&A
    • Conclusions and actions
  • Connections formed will be long-lasting, and I will facilitate the possibility for group members to continue supporting each other for no extra cost
  • For those that wish, they can sign up for another five weeks (group members will probably change in each run)
  • Details will vary according to the needs and desires of each cohort, but I expect the following takeaways as a minimum:
    • How to handle imposter syndrome
    • How to progress in your career
    • How to handle prejudice and the effects of unconscious bias
    • How to get support in the workplace

Who is the coach?

I am a woman with 24 years of software engineering experience. Halfway through my career I was laid off by my employer. I lost heart and gave up altogether, deciding instead to try another career. Actually I tried two separate careers. But four years later I realised that tech is my home, and I returned with renewed determination. That was 12 years ago, and since then I’ve achieved more than I ever believed I would. I now travel all over the world meeting amazing people and speaking at major events, as well as working closely with software engineers in multiple industries, helping them to improve their software development practices.

I used to lead the Made Tech academy, I taught the Coding Black Females Return to Tech programme, I taught for Code First Girls, and I’ve always been passionate about increasing opportunities for under-represented groups in tech.

How do you sign up?

Fill in my contact form and let me know you’re interested in the Surviving and Thriving in Tech Group Coaching. We’ll take it from there.

One thought on “Surviving and thriving in tech

  1. What a great idea. I am not a new comer to the industry but it is a daily struggle in a male dominated world. Particularly as a manager I am sick of having to say ‘I think’ to when ‘I KNOW’. Count me in Claire please.

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