About Me

About Me

My name is Clare Sudbery, and I’m a lead consultant developer with Thoughtworks, the international IT consultancy.

On this blog, I’ve given myself permission to share notes and jottings with mininal editing (to counter Edit Paralysis). I don’t consider this to be polished content. I have a separate blog, A Woman in Technology*, where I write longer more considered posts – on topics such as women in tech, maths puzzles and of course, software engineering.

I regularly speak at conferences and other events. Full details here.

*I know, it’s a terrible title. Feel free to suggest an alternative.

My other blog (A Woman in Technology)
Other stuff

I am also a published novelist.

(The above picture is me plus a bunch of much cleverer women than me, at Women of Silicon Roundabout).

My name is surprisingly hard to spell. It’s actually Clare Sudbery: There’s no I in Clare, and my surname ends ERY – like surgery or carvery).
Here are some ways NOT to spell my name, in a vague attempt to make this site more discoverable: Claire Sudbery, Claire Sudbury, Clare Sudbury, Clare Sudberry, Claire Sudberry.