About Me

About Me

My name is Clare Sudbery, and I’m an independent technical coach.

On this blog, I’ve given myself permission to share notes and jottings with mininal editing (to counter Edit Paralysis). I don’t consider this to be polished content. I have a separate blog, A Woman in Technology*, where I write longer more considered posts – on topics such as women in tech, maths puzzles and of course, software engineering.

I regularly speak at conferences and other events. Full details here.

*I know, it’s a terrible title. Feel free to suggest an alternative.

My other blog (A Woman in Technology)
Other stuff

I am also a published novelist.

(The above picture is me plus a bunch of much cleverer women than me, at Women of Silicon Roundabout).

Need help rediscovering your geek joy?

My name is surprisingly hard to spell. It’s actually Clare Sudbery: There’s no I in Clare, and my surname ends ERY – like surgery or carvery).
Here are some ways NOT to spell my name, in a vague attempt to make this site more discoverable: Claire Sudbery, Claire Sudbury, Clare Sudbury, Clare Sudberry, Claire Sudberry.