About In Simple Terms

About In Simple Terms

I’m a bear of little brain, and when I encounter a concept for the first time I need it to be explained in simple terms with very clear examples. If I can’t find such an explanation, I will attempt to write a note about it myself and place it here.

Sometimes even if I do find a simple summary, I’ll re-explain it in my own words to consolidate my own understanding.

I make no claims for the accuracy of my understanding, and I welcome corrections and clarifications in the comments box.

With thanks to Martin Fowler, who suggested I write this blog.

On this blog, I’ve given myself permission to share notes and jottings (to try and counteract Edit Paralysis*). I don’t consider this to be polished content. I have a separate blog, A Woman in Technology, where I write longer more considered posts – on topics such as women in tech, maths puzzles and of course, software engineering.

The image above is the output of a brief obsession I had with designing the perfect Scrabble game. That game had an individual score for one player of 3190 (my record was 3658). I used this one here because of the word “DEMYTHOLOGIZING”, which scored 1493 when D, Y, T, L, O, Z and G were placed on the board, covering two double-letter scores and three triple-word scores. More details here.

*You know that thing where you keep making notes that are supposed to form the basis of blog posts, but none of them ever make it to your blog because you don’t have time to edit and polish them into fully fledged articles? This blog is partially my attempt to address that problem.