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Greek: Don’t Confuse Genitive Definite Articles with Possessive Pronouns

I got confused after using the word “his” to explain the genitive case of the definite article (here).

It’s especially confusing because the possessive pronoun for 3rd person plural (ie “their”), is the same word (“τους”) as the accusative form of the definite article for male plural (here), but NOT the same as the genitive form of the definite article for male plural (which is “των”).

Anyway, just to note that the definite article and the possessive pronoun are often, but not always, the same.

Full explanation here on the DuoLingo forum.

Home Made Press Studs!

Home Made Press Studs!

Ha. This is quite funny really. I started this blog thinking I would use it to store all the gazillions of notes I make about code-related matters. But I make notes about EVERYTHING.

I can’t resist posting this one here. Just in case some random person finds it useful (see image above).

I bought a kit from Amazon, but the instructions were pretty woeful and at first I was rather mystified. But eventually I pieced it together made that image (^^), printed it out and put it in the box with this press stud kit:


I’m a bear of little brain, and when I encounter a concept for the first time I need it to be explained in simple terms with very clear examples. If I can’t find such an explanation, I will attempt to write it myself and place it here.

Sometimes even if I do find a simple summary, I’ll re-explain it in my own words to consolidate my own understanding.

I make no claims for the accuracy of my understanding, and I welcome corrections and clarifications in the comments box.

With thanks to Martin Fowler, who suggested I write this blog.

I’m going to start by copying in notes I have made recently on various things, so there will be a flurry of posts to start with… and then who knows what’ll happen?